Speed up cloakroom processing

Improve the flow and efficiency of your cloakroom with intuitive registration forms and automated tickets.

Eliminate messy ticekts

and manual records

Our digital system attains greater accuracy when collecting patron data. Create an opportunity to collect information unattainable via paper methods.

Non-invasive data collection

Discretely collect insightful data from your patrons by using Cloakr’s intuitive forms.

Generate reports on specific or all patrons

Export your data as a .CSV or .XLS file that seamlessly imports into 3rd party data management systems.

Key Benefits

Never have lost ticket issues again

Address your cloakrooms worst pain-point. Forget about lost ticket issues!

Sync multiple devices

Cloakr’s intuitive system allows for lightning fast processing, whether you use one or multiple iPad’s.

Repeat customer recognition

Reward your loyal customers and know how to better target your marketing.

Track trends:

Customer length of

stay & frequency

Learn even more about your customers with data previously only guessable.

More customer insights

Gain insights previously not possible such a customer bounce rates, length of stay, frequency and gender percentages.

Real time data sync

Customize required fields

Facebook enabled

One-time sign up

Happy Users

Happy Users

With an average of 1,000 patrons per Tuesday we needed a streamlined and flawless cloaking system. Not only did Cloakr™ give a completely new way to cloak but enabled us to collect data on how long our patrons were staying, male-female ratios and average ages.


Cloakr™ also provided us with a way to collect personal data from our patrons without infringing on their night directly. With a smooth and quick interface we could not recommend Cloakr™ higher!


-Jayde Free, Tightarse Tuesdays Promotional Director

Happy Users